Xurnami's Lab

Basic Information

Feminine (Pronouns: She/Her/Hers/Herself).
Hyena-shark hybrid
Muscular but lithe and with a modest chest.
Dominant scientist and business-woman.
Mammaries and Phallus


Xurnami is a hyena-shark hybrid who stands at a confidently-posed six foot nine and is primarily covered in dirty brown fur with black spots. Her muzzle, furry on the top with a black shark hide covered throat below, is much longer than a hyena’s. Her muzzle is filled with the many sharp teeth of a shark. Her nose comes to a point with a little bit of black on the tip. The rounded tips of her ears are black as well, and she has bright green eyes.

Down her throat, the wide band of black hide fades out into brown fur that reaches along the sides of her neck. She wears a dark suit with a white shirt underneath. A dark colored tie wrapped around her neck which falls between her breasts. Her hands come out from the end of the sleaves showing the claws at the end of her fingers and the webs between them.

Her thick shark tail extends back from her rump and stretches past her paws. The end of it spreading out into two tips with a larger fin above with some smaller fins below. Her bare paws show the webs between the toes.