Xurnami's Lab

Basic Information

Feminine (Pronouns: She/Her/Hers/Herself).
Hyena-dragon hybrid
Muscular with wide hips and large chest.
Dominant scientist and business-woman.
🍈🍈🍆 aka Mammaries and Phallus



Xurnami is a large hyena-dragon hybrid who stands at a confidently-posed six foot nine and is covered in dirty brown fur with black spots. Her muzzle, furry on the top with a scaly throat below, is longer than a hyena’s, with many carnivore teeth and a forked tongue inside. Her nose and the rounded tips of her ears are black, and she has bright green eyes. Rising behind each ear is a ridged black horn, arching backwards, long, thick, and bending like the arm of a recurve bow.

Down her throat, the wide band of black scales fades out into brown fur that reaches along the sides of her neck. She wears a dark suit with a white shirt underneath. A dark colored tie wrapped around her neck which is lifted up by her heavy breasts. Her hands come out from the end of the sleaves showing the claws and the leather pads on her palms and fingertips.

Her waist pulls inward trimly before curving out again to her hips and her slacks. Powerfully muscled digitgrade legs straining against the fabric in fur lead to bare plate-sized paws with heavy claws extending from their digits to help her rough pawpads’ grip. Her thick draconic tail, fur on its top and scales along the underside, extends back from her shapely rump, flexing back and forth just above the ground.